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Life Out There is a UK based free-flowing creative company

specializing in professional photography.

Based in High Littleton, Bristol.

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"Fueled by our love for the open road, salty seas and the great outdoors"


Life Out There are a free-flowing creative company specializing in professional photography. We launched in 2016 and are fueled by our love for the open road, salty seas and the great outdoors.

We seek to inspire, engage and promote good vibes through the many benefits of the great outdoors and being immersed in open space to refuel your mind. Recognizing that sometimes the hardest part about getting outside is simply opening the door.
Life sometimes gets in the way and we often forget to refuel and refresh.


That’s one of the reasons we created Life Out There and why we feel so strongly about the benefits of getting outside. We want to create a sense of adventure and visual content that opens your eyes to the world, inspiring you to get outside and explore yourself.

Here at Life Out There we are constantly refreshing our flow to keep our creative mind in focus. Our ever-changing environment is a playground for us, which helps keep us refreshed and ready to adapt to new opportunities, whether that’s for adventure seeking goodness or creating visuals for you or your business.

For us, the photography side of Life Out There is about creating visuals that last a lifetime. But first you've got to get out there and experience life. 

LifeOut There. Go Explore!

You can find out more about our photography services here: Life Out There Photography 


Our Story

Life is a journey on the open road to adventure. Surrounded by outdoor space to let the mind unwind. Traveling uncommon ground, seeking out the next destination to explore. Like an old map, layered with a continuously altering vision of new surroundings and endless routes. Creating moments which shape every aspect of your life. Our passion to create visuals is fueled by our love of the open road, salty seas and the great outdoors. A turn of the key, to let the world unwind beneath your eyes, following lines of the highway to guide you to your destination.


Exploring the great outdoors started in 2009 when my father bought our first VW campervan, this opened my eyes to the notion of traveling, adventure and meeting new people in such an iconic van. A small space, of tranquil retreat, to compose the mind or explore the limitless surroundings of nature. Driving across the UK, discovering un-spoilt coastlines, and meeting like minded individuals, each with their own stories and vanlife journey. The stories of which, come from undocumented life experiences and a sense of being at one with the wonders of nature.


The visuals I create, are influenced by 1960/70's culture, colours, freedom and lifestyle of creating a sense of nostalgia, of what once was. Memories formed from documenting moments that can be cherished for a lifetime. Each click of the camera explores how I see the world. This is my life, through the lens.